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Technology & Design

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Mr Dooher

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Miss Waterson

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Mr Livingstone



Our facilities include a modern workshop, systems room with 20 computers and a planning room.

We have the latest equipment including a Laser Cutter, 3D printer and computer aided design packages. This allows students to experience the world of CAD/CAM and gives them a taster of what working in industry can involve.

Our KS3 projects allow for individual design ideas in both folder and workshop activities. We are a subject that welcomes innovation and students input on any modifications they can make. As a department we believe that giving students opportunities to improve not only benefits their learning, but shows them their capabilities as designers, innovators and that change is the future.


Technology and design at KS3 invites discovery, creativity and imagination.  All projects during this time allow students to get involved in a range of processes that make up the subject as a whole.

In KS3 students make three projects a year. The first is a resistant materials project which focuses on materials and their physical properties, design and their application. The second is an electronics based project starting off with a simple LED circuit right through to using 555 timer chips in year 10.

All projects encompass the whole design process; from research, design development and manufacture through to evaluation. Each project encourages students to apply all their theoretical knowledge toward real life applications, envisaging how their ideas and creative thinking can have a positive impact on the lives of everyday people


Involves showing an understanding of: 

Materials: types and uses of materials, how to join and finish them. Manufacturing processes in industry, computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing 

Systems and control: electronics, micro-electronics, mechanisms and pneumatics.

Product design: market demand, client research, analysis, design, evaluation. 

Product design assignment: design process, sketching and drawing, product analysis and evaluation. This will consist of a design assignment folder set by CCEA. 

Design project: pupils will complete a making project set by CCEA. 

GCSE provides a thorough preparation for the study of Technology and Design and related courses at GCE A and AS Level

It allows students to develop transferable skills, which will benefit them in vocational training and employment.

Benefits to pupils:
Develop as effective and independent learners;
An ability to make decisions, combine skills,
Knowledge and understanding to design and make quality products
Analyse existing products and develop practical solutions to needs
Decision-making skills
An understanding that designing and making reflect and influence people
Skills of creativity and critical analysis, through making links between existing solutions, technological knowledge and the principles of good design.

KS4 Occupational Studies

We offer two Occupational Studies courses, both of which are very popular with our pupils.
Occupational Studies- Construction
Year 11 Unit: Bench Joinery
Year 12 Unit: Carpentry & Joinery

Further information on these course can be found at:


We offer A-Level CCEA Technology & Design: Product Design in the department.

From this specification students can take:
the AS course as a final qualification; or
the AS units plus the A2 units for a full GCE A level qualification.

The AS units include a common core of design and materials and a specialised study of:
product design-  This is what we offer at EIC

Students also complete a product development task that is internally assessed.

Students who continue to A2 explore product design in greater detail than at AS level. The A2 course includes an internally assessed design-and-make task.

Unit Breakdown
In Year 13 there is a 2 hour exam worth 20% of the A-Level course and a design and make project which includes a ten page A3 portfolio, also worth 20% of the course.
In Year 14 there is a 2 hour exam worth 30% of the A-Level course and a design and make project which includes a twenty page A3 portfolio, also worth 30% of the course.

See the full specification for more details.


A qualification in Technology and Design can provide you with a basis for study in further or higher education in a wide range of disciplines such as engineering, product development and product design. The qualification could also be used as an entry into an apprenticeship in a career such as engineering.

The range of career options open to you is very wide due to the nature of GCE Technology and Design as it involves problem-solving, application of scientific principles to the design of products, the process of design itself and the use of materials and techniques such as computer-aided design. This can provide you with a useful basis for entry into careers such as product design, engineering, graphic design, teaching and architecture.

    Bench Joiner
    Building Surveyor
    CAD Operative
    Civil Engineer
    Construction Manager
    Crane Operator
    Demolition Operative
    Design Manager
    Electrical Engineer
    Environmental Engineer
    Forklift Operative
    Gas Installer
    General Construction
    HGV Driver
    Interior Designer
    Kitchen Fitter
    Landscape Architect
    Maintenance Operator
    Painter & Decorator
    Plant Operative / Manager
    Quantity Surveyor
    Risk & Safety Management


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