Staff List 2021/22

Leadership Team


Mr James Jackson-Ware


Mrs Sharon McKee

Fiona Brown - Responsible for Care and Welfare

Mary Magee - Assessment / Records of Achievement/Reporting

Subject Leaders

Jeanette Abbott – Geography

Peter Doherty – Music

Paula Butler – English

Mark Butler – Modern Languages

Orla Cox – LLW

Conor Doherty – Physical Education

Bernard Dooher – Technology

Ann McLoughlin - Home Economics, Hospitality, Occupational Studies and Health & Social Care

Catherine Fitzpatrick – History

Rory Hill – Science

Natalie Maguire – Religious Education and CPLD

Johnny McKee – Art and Design

Victoria McVeigh – Drama

Kathryn Morrow – Mathematics

Gary Cornyn - ICT

Teaching Staff

Breege Conlon – Art and MIA

Teresa Cameron – Essential skills

Marice Cox – Spanish and CPLD

Carol Cranston – English and History

Bob Kerrigan - Science

Barbara Mason - Mathematics

Esther Ferreira – Home Economics, Hospitality, Health & Social Care, Science and Occupational Studies 

Sean Murphy - English

Gail Turner – Art and Teacher of Engage Programme

Learning Assistants

Amanda McGale

Anna McGrail

Antoinette Charlene Smith

Bernadette Lambe

Caoimhin Walmsley

Caroline Reynolds

Claire Johnston

Debbie Dane

Debbie Abbott

Desmond D'Arcy

Eileen Boyle

Evelyn McGuinness

Hannah Corrigan

Hazel Fawcett

Helen Woods

Leanne Tierney

Linda Crawford

Majella Beacom

Mary Reihill

Nicola McFrederick

Oran Ralph

Sharon Benson

Wendy Crooks

Office Staff

Helen Holleran

Zoe Deacon

- Executive Officer

- Senior Clerical Officer

Una McCarney

Mark Livingstone

Phyllis Maguire

Mark Allen

- Science Technician

- Technology Art/Design Technician

- Home Economics Technician

- Building Supervisor

Cleaning Staff

Rosaleen Rogers

Tom Doherty

Monika Zietek

Valerie Cuthbertson

Lunchtime Supervisors

Tom Doherty

Ethna Doherty

Craig Willis

Francis Hopkins

Areas of Responsibility


James Jackson-Ware

Senior Leadership Team

Sharon McKee (VP)

Fiona Brown (ST) Responsible for Care and Welfare

Mary Magee (ST) Assessment / Records of Achievement/Reporting

Leader For Year

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Year 12

Year 13 +14

Marice Cox

Sean Murphy

Orla Cox

Natalie Maguire

Mark Butler

Johnny McKee

Additional Areas of Responsibility

Assessment/Records of Achievement/Reporting

Health and Safety Co-ordinator

Careers/Education Guidance

Learning Support Co-ordinator

Assistant Learning Support Co-ordinator


GCSE Examination Officer

A Level & BTEC Examination Officer

Events Co-ordinator

Mary Magee

John McKee

Jeanette Abbott

Teresa Cameron

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Mary Magee

Majella Beacom

Zoe Deacon

Sean Murphy