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Erne Integrated College aims to:

• Provide a broad and balanced curriculum

• Achieve excellence for all students and maintain the highest academic standards in a supportive, challenging environment.

• Develop young people’s personal, moral and spiritual growth in an atmosphere which promotes knowledge, understanding, respect and
   appreciation of their common culture, as well as the two main traditions in Northern Ireland.


• Provide a learning environment where young people from Catholic and Protestant backgrounds, as well as those from other faiths and none can learn with, from and about each other.

• Develop independent learners with high self-esteem who are happy, questioning, confident, kind and cooperative.

• Ensure that students gain the knowledge, skills and awareness necessary for living in a changing world.

• Promote a happy, caring learning environment centred on the needs of the students.

• Work with students to develop a global perspective.

• Actively acknowledge and celebrate effort, progress, achievement and success.

• Teach and develop the skills for the peaceful and non-violent resolution of conflict and disagreement, through dialogue and negotiation.

• Ensure that arrangements for pastoral care are integrated with, and reflected in, the day-to-day learning and teaching.

• Encourage parents/carers to take an active part in the education of their children and life of the school.


• Report to parents/carers on the progress of their child/children on a regular basis.

• Create opportunities whereby students can develop an interest in, and involvement with, the wider community.

• Provide every student with equality of opportunity.

• Ensure that every child is treated as an individual, with equal worth and talents.




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