If a student’s password expires or they don’t remember their password, they or their parent/carer should email the school info account


Then a member of staff will reset the password and make contact with parent/carer

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Covid-19 Information
Student Safety

Can I please remind all of our students about the importance of travelling to and from school in a safe manner.  We need to be mindful of ‘stranger danger’ and NOT take the offer of a lift from anyone you do not know.


In the very unlikely event of this happening, please do not accept the lift from a stranger and report it to your parents/carer and to your form teacher as soon as possible.

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School Attendance

To view the DENI 'A Parent's Guide to School Attendance Matters' click below.

Free School Meals/School Uniform/Physical Ed Clothing Allowance

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School Covid Statement

September 11th, 2020

Dear Parent/Carer

I wish to advise you that in the event of a confirmed positive case of Covid-19 in our school community we will be required to share contact information with the PHA.

Google Classroom

March 16th, 2020

How to Use Google Classroom

In the event of a possible school closure our teachers are planning to use Google Classroom as a way of teaching, setting assignments and marking work.  This link will give you simple step by step instructions on how to use Google Classroom.

Welcome to Erne

Integrated College

We believe that all children have the ability to succeed - provided they are given the opportunity to develop their talents.  There are many ways


of measuring success - academic, sporting, social and cultural - and the college is fully committed and resourced to developing each child’s potential to the maximum limits, in a positive atmosphere which is caring, happy, and above all, child-centred. 


Respect, trust and mutual understanding are the hall-marks of all that we set out to achieve in an integrated setting that brings together pupils and teachers from different religious and cultural backgrounds - all based within a framework which will provide for excellence, opportunity and a real commitment to quality.