Smoke Free Policy



This policy has been developed to protect all employees, service users, pupils and visitors from exposure to second-hand smoke and to assist compliance with The Smoking (Northern Ireland) Order 2006.

Exposure to second-hand smoke, also known as passive smoking, increases the risk of lung cancer, heart disease and other illnesses.  Ventilation or separating smokers and non-smokers within the same airspace does not prevent exposure to tobacco smoke.



It is the policy of Erne Integrated College that all of our workplaces are smoke-free and all employers and pupils have a right to work in a smoke-free environment.  The policy shall come into effect on 30th April 2007 and be reviewed annually.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the entire workplace with no exceptions.  This policy applies to all employees, consultants, contractors, customers or members and visitors.



Overall responsibility for implementation and review rest with The Principal.

All staff are required to adhere to, and facilitate the implementation of the policy.  The person named above shall inform all existing employees, consultants and contractors of the policy and their role in the implementation and monitoring of the policy.  They will also give all new personnel a copy of the policy on recruitment/induction.  Appropriate no-smoking signs will be clearly displayed at the entrances to and within the premises.



Disciplinary procedures will be followed if a member of staff does not comply with this policy.  Standard procedures should be followed if a visitor does not comply.  Under smoke-free legislation, offences relating to the display of signage and smoking in a smoke-free place may attract a fixed penalty notice or lead to a prosecution.  Failure to prevent smoking in a smoke-free place may lead to a prosecution.


Help to stop smoking

The  Smokers’ Helpline on 0800 85 85 85 is a freephone service, which provides friendly advice and support to smokers about stopping smoking.  If you want to talk to someone face-to-face, ask at your GP practice or local pharmacy where you can get general advice on nicotine rep