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Mental Health Awareness Week

We know how important it is to encourage a culture of positive wellbeing and mental health in today's environment. To mark Mental Health Awareness Week we've been sharing lots of helpful new guidance and resources to support however we can, perfect for teachers and parents. Take a look at some of the content available with lots more to follow... Don’t forget to sign up to receive all our latest support and updates.

The Wellbeing Zone The Healthy, Happy Schools: Wellbeing Zone provides a space dedicated to support all ages. Packed with resources suitable for teachers, parents and young people. You’ll be able to find resources from advice on coping with anxiety to fun activities to support mental health and wellbeing. Visit the wellbeing space here

Mindfulness for Unsettling Times Mindfulness is the practice of training the mind to enhance awareness of our thoughts, feelings and sensations. It can help us all by increasing attention span, concentration, and emotional resilience throughout periods of uncertainty, when it’s common for stress and anxiety to build up. To get you started read the Mindfulness for Unsettling Times guide for a great introductory practice for teachers and parents that can be used with children and students.

Coping with anxiety during unsettling times In this new series we spoke with Clinical Psychologist Dr Helen Care who let us know some of her top tips and tricks to cope with anxiety during unsettling times. You'll find advice from helping an anxious child or teenager manage their worries and advice on supporting young people cope with school endings. Take a look at the series:

1. Helping children understand worry

2. Top tips for helping an anxious child

3. Tips on surviving school shutdown and coronavirus anxiety

4. Coping through unsettling times

5. How to be okay when schools are closed

6. Leaving school without exams and proper goodbyes

7. Talking to children about Coronavirus

Support for schools during Covid-19 Feeling a certain amount of concern or worry is natural when we encounter difficult or unsettling times. We would like to support wherever we can, from mindfulness practice to safeguarding and homeworking during COVID-19. We've pulled together resources suitable for teachers, parents and young people. You’ll find content like the new Wellbeing journal for kids (PDF) produced by Outside the Box, a free activity journal to help children to enhance their mental wellbeing through a range of activities. Visit the dedicated support page

Education Support Helpline There can be many stresses on those who work in education - a challenging student, stress & depression, personal financial worries and so many more. That’s why Education Support offer free, confidential help and support. Visit the Education Support website to discover the confidential helpline and all the resources they have to offer.

Please remember, if your children or students are feeling overwhelmed with difficult thoughts, always encourage them to talk to someone. Talking to a family/parent/guardian or a close friend can help. If they're undertaking any therapy currently, they should always check in with them first before doing any of the practices suggested.