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The Independent Counselling Service

The Independent Counselling Service (ICSS) for schools is a confidential service for young people who would normally attend school from the ages of 11-18. So every year group in your school, even those would leave school this year can still use it. It happens on the same day and time as counselling is usually delivered in school.

If you have a young person who wants to refer themselves into the ICSS this can be done through the Familyworks website. The address is ww.familyworksni.com You can also refer your young person to the service but you should get their permission to do so first. You can do this by just asking them privately how they might feel about speaking to the school counsellor. It can help to make sure the young person has a quite space to talk to the counsellor away from the rest of the family. There is a button on the website for parents and school staff to refer. Please see details in the attached letter of introduction.