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Message for SWC to students who are currently enrolled to do ENTITLEMENT FRAMEWORK PRE AND POST 16 ARRANGEMENTS -

As we try to make arrangements to offer continued engagement with our Entitlement Framework Schools, this is the current plan:-

  • Learners who have supplied contact details should have already received a generic SWC communication, but we would be grateful if you would reinforce the plan to your Post-16 learners, by whatever communication channels you have in place.

  • Learners should log onto SWC website and on the homepage there will be a link for support and guidance on How to access course materials and live classrooms. CANVAS will be used as the online learning platform and learners can communicate directly with their SWC Lecturer at their normal scheduled class time via a direct link to a virtual/online classroom.

  • Information will follow at the beginning of next week regarding Pre-16 Occupational Studies provision as the information and guidance from CCEA unfolds, but be assured our Lecturers are working on a comprehensive capture of each learner’s progress and evidence to date, and we will continue to work on ensuring that the best possible outcome can be achieved.

Please can all students keep an eye on the SWC college website for any updates, advice and guidance.