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Our Shared Language – Conrad ne Gaelige

On Monday 21st October, Cuisle Nic Liam from Conrad na Gaelige came to the College for a workshop called “Our Shared Language” with our Year 9 students.

The workshop was very well received by the students and looked at the origins, evolution and development of the Irish language as well as its global spread and influence.

Students then had the opportunity to learn and speak some welcoming phrases in Irish, learned about local place names and their origin and finally about family names and how Irish has influenced the English language that we speak today.

Is maith sin = Smashing!

Smidirini = Smithereens (tiny bits)

Go leor = Galore (loads/lots)

Brog = Shoe (brogues)

Thanks to Cuisle and Sinead from Conrad na Gaelige for a great morning!