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Welcome to the Erne Integrated College Parents’ Council

On behalf of the Erne Integrated College Parents’ Council, welcome back and if you are a new parent, welcome to the school.

An active Parents' Council exists within the school, which promotes various educational, social and funding events throughout the year. We play an important role in encouraging parents to become actively involved in their child's education.

The Parents' Council is open to all parents and we encourage all new parents to use this as a way of being involved within the life of the school as well as forming friendships with others.

We would encourage anyone who is interested to attend any of our meetings which are held monthly. We do not ask anyone to give us any more time or commitment than that which fits comfortably into their own life. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Committee members or leave a message via the school Office.

Chairperson: Lyla Upton (lylaupton66@icloud.com)

Vice Chairperson: Ray Gault

Treasurer: Fred Farrelly

Secretary: Fidelis Simpson

What is the Parents’ Council?

  • We are a group of parents who all have children in EIC.

  • We represent the views of parents on all matters of interest to parents of students at the school.

  • We hold various social and fund-raising activities throughout the academic year and discuss with the Principal, staff and students how to spend the funds we raise.

  • All funds raised by the Parents’ Council are used to support the education and welfare of students.

  • We meet monthly in the staff room and the meetings are normally around an hour long.

Who can join the Parents’ Council?

  • Any parent/carer of an EIC student can join the Parents’ Council.

  • Just come along to a meeting and find out what’s happening in the school and share your views.

  • The more parents that join, the bigger the variety of events that could be organised.

  • If attending meetings is difficult, you can become involved by volunteering at events; man a stall, send in home baking, help publicise events - there is no shortage of tasks.

Our first meeting of the new school year is on Monday 21st October in the school staff room at 6pm.

It’s your Parents’ Council and we would like to hear from you. Your views and opinions are really important to ensure issues discussed reflect as many voices as possible so please join us.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support.

Lyla Upton