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Student Council 2018-19

The student council for 2018-2019 has been elected and has already had its inaugural meeting. The council are keen to work with Parent’s Council to select attractive and appropriate seating for the playground for the comfort of all students. They also plan to take a lead in anti-bullying week and have worked with the Parents’ Council to provide each student with an anti-bullying wristband. Their next order of business is to choose a charity for the school to support through fundraising this year. Last year the student council were instrumental in redesigning the new school scarf which will be available shortly, they were involved in a consultation on young people and policing in the area and also contributed to discussion on the College’s discipline policy. This year promises to be no less busy. This year’s Presidents are Rhys Hopkins and Reagan Breen (Year 13) and the vice-presidents are Amy Drumm and Dylan Guy (Year 14).