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Learning for Life & Work

Description of Subject


Learning for Life and Work aims to help pupils develop knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that they may encounter both inside and out of school.  

Learning for Life and Work has four subject strands: 

  • Employability 

  • Local and Global Citizenship 

  • Personal Development 

  • Home Economics. 


Our aim is to offer an engaging and relevant curriculum that: 

  • helps our pupils develop as individuals and members of society. 

  • delivers the skills and capabilities needed for adult life and work. 

  • helps our pupils cope with the changing global economy; and 

  • helps our pupils learn how to make informed choices. 

Key Stage 3 Programme of Study

Learning for Life and Work at KS3 is divided into three main areas of study: 


Personal Development 

This area of study gives students the opportunity to study: 

  • Maximising and sustaining health and well-being 

  • Concept of self 

  • Building and maintaining healthy relationships 

  • Recognising, assessing and managing risk 

  • Understanding the roles and responsibilities of parenting 

  • Developing competence as discerning consumers 



This area of study gives students opportunities to study: 

  • The impact of globalisation on employment 

  • Recruitment and selection practices for employment 

  • Rights and responsibilities of employers and employees 

  • Issues of self- employment and sources of support 


Local and Global Citizenship 

This area of study gives students opportunities to study: 

  • Diversity and inclusion in Northern Ireland and the wider world 

  • Rights and responsibilities regarding local, national and global issues 

  • The role of society and government in safeguarding human rights 

  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) 

  • Key democratic institutions and their role in promoting inclusion and justice 

Key Stage 4 Programme of Study 


GCSE Learning for Life and Work  

Some students will complete the CCEA Learning for Life and Work course at KS4.  

This specification engages students to explore social, personal, economic and employment issues. Topics include diversity and inclusion, social responsibility, human rights, effective financial management and entrepreneurship. 


Students also have opportunities to develop transferable skills such as analytical, problem solving and effective teamwork. 


There are three written exams, each worth 20% of the overall mark, and a controlled assessment unit worth 40%. 


Exam board: CCEA 


The specification has four units: 

  • Unit 1: Local and Global Citizenship (20%) 

  • Unit 2: Personal Development (20%) 

  • Unit 3: Employability (20%) 

  • Unit 4: Controlled Assessment Task (40%) 

Preparation for Adult Life (PAL) 


This qualification is assessed by a portfolio of evidence, there is no exam.  


There are two levels:  

  • Level one Certificate. 

  • Level two Certificate. 

13 mandatory units:  

  • Learners must take all four Employability units, four Citizenship units, and five Personal and Social Development units from the specification. 

  • Each unit is worth one credit, so the total credit value of the Certificate is 13 

PAL level 2 is equivalent to a grade B at GCSE 

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