KS4 Options


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The first three years at Erne Integrated College have provided valuable groundwork for students in a wide variety of subjects. It is during Year 10 that pupils make important decisions around choosing subjects they will study in Key Stage 4.  Our aim is for all students to reach their full potential at GCSE. 

  • All students will study English, Mathematics and Science, at GCSE level. Other compulsory subjects include core Physical Education, Religious Education, Learning for Life and Work, (Citizenship/Employability/PD) and Careers. 

  • Students will choose from a further range of subjects, to give them a broad and balanced curriculum, across Key stage 4 to include GCSE Examinations and other equivalent qualifications.


Final choices in Year 10 are made after students have completed their Careers Programme, had discussions with their subject teachers, individual career interviews and meetings with parents.

STEP 1: Employability / Careers are taught in the spring term in LLW classes. There is also discussion between students, parents and teaching staff about the courses available at Key Stage 4 and, about student progress during year 10.

STEP 2: Following Year 10 GCSE Option Evening, students with support from their parents and teaching staff, will make their initial choices, as part of a Straw Poll. 

The initial choices form for this should be completed, signed by students and parents and, returned to Year 10 Form Teachers. The data from this straw poll is used to create the GCSE Option Blocks.

The data from this straw poll is used to create the GCSE Option Blocks.

STEP 3:  Option Blocks issued to students, completed at home with support and then returned to school.


STEP 4: Once subjects have been allocated, students are informed and a letter is sent home.

Students needing additional advice on their choice of subjects should see:


  • Mrs McKee (Vice Principal) i/c Options

  • Mrs Abbott (Career Co-ordinator)

  • Head of Year and Form Teachers

  • Subject Teachers

  • Mr Kerr (Senior Teacher in charge of Options)​