Health & Safety Policy

Pupil illness in School

If a pupil becomes ill in class it may be enough to send the pupil, accompanied by another class member, out for a breath of fresh air.  If necessary, send them to the College Secretary, who will try to contact their home. If it is not possible for the pupil to go home then they must return to their class.  Students are not to remain sitting outside the office unless they are waiting to go home.

No pupil should be sent to the Medical Inspection Room without informing the Secretary or the Form Teacher (if the Secretary is unavailable).

Under no circumstances should any medication be administered, unless contact has been made with a parent or guardian.


Safety Regulations

Pupils must NOT be asked to carry dangerous or heavy equipment.  In class the operation of plugging and unplugging T.V. sets, video recorders or the setting up or dismantling of equipment must be carried out by the teacher.  Subject teachers using electrical equipment or other dangerous equipment/apparatus must ensure that all possible safety precautions are taken.

ON NO ACCOUNT must a pupil be left in charge of a machine or equipment during a teacher’s absence.

Pupils must NOT be left unsupervised in a classroom.



When an accident occurs either inside the school building or the school grounds, the member of staff to whom the accident is reported should contact Mark Butler to determine whether the pupils needs first aid or should be taken to hospital.  In this case the parents are contacted to ask them to take the child to hospital or if this is not possible a member of staff will accompany the child to the hospital and parents informed at the first available opportunity.

The member of staff to whom the accident is reported must obtain an accident report form from the office and complete it immediately, noting the names of any witnesses to the accident.  All such accident report forms should be filed in the office.