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Art & Design

Staff Members
Courses delivered at Key Stage 3, 4 & 5

Two teachers JMCK, BC and 1/2 Technician ML


2X classrooms, a small ceramics area and darkroom.

Range of photo and video equipment and some 10 year old imacs.

Career Opportunities

KS3 - Broad curriculum covering painting and drawing, print making, sculpture, lens based media and ceramics

KS4 - Edexcel GCSE Art & Design

Post 16+:

  • AS Photography

  • AS MIA

  • A’Level Art & Design

  • A’Level MIA

Further Study Career Opportunities

There are a wide range of careers available to students who follow courses in Art & Design, MIA or Photography.


Students can progress to Foundation Courses in A&D, (pre degree entrance course). Degrees in A&D, Film and Media, Product Design, Architecture, Photography etc.

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