Anti-Bullying Policy


In keeping with the vision of Erne Integrated College as a caring community where the dignity of each individual is recognised and respected, we aim to provide an atmosphere of mutual respect and an environment where all can feel safe to enjoy their work and learning.



Bullying is any on-going, systematic behaviour which deliberately threatens, frightens or hurts another person and puts him or her under stress.  Bullying may take the following forms: physically hurting; verbally attacking another on the grounds of gender, race, religion, appearance, ability or social background; threatening; taking or hiding personal belongings; rumours; gestures; social exclusion.


Preventative Strategies

1.   The anti-bullying ethos permeates the whole school community.  It is highlighted and re-enforced regularly through the PSE Programme, and other aspects of normal school life, such as Assembly or Corridor Display.  Each teacher is involved and students are encouraged to take responsibility for what happens in the College.


2.   The College has in place a programme which promotes the self-esteem of each student.  Confident children are less likely to become involved in bullying.

3.   All pupils are aware that their problems and concerns are taken seriously.

4.  Appropriate supervision is in place at all times and those carrying out this duty will intervene quickly and decisively in bullying situations.



1.   Any incident of bullying is reported to the Form Teachers or the Year Curriculum Co-ordinators of the parties involved or to an appropriate member of staff.

2.   The Year Curriculum Co-ordinators will interview and obtain a written account of the incident from the victim, the bully and any witnesses.  These interviews will be conducted separately. Contact will be made with the parent(s) of all parties involved.


3.   Resolution of the conflict is sought by using strategies considered appropriate to the situation, for example, counselling.  No matter what the outcome, all parties must be made clear as to the seriousness of bullying.  If necessary, parent(s)/guardian(s) will be informed and their involvement requested.

4.   If a complaint is upheld, the bully/bullies will be expected to take responsibility for their actions and to acknowledge the need for reform, and undertake that such behaviour will not be repeated.  Where appropriate, support will be provided to help the bully modify unacceptable behaviour.  In accordance with the College Discipline Policy, appropriate sanctions will be employed after discussions with all parties.

5.   If outside agencies are involved, the College will expect the full co-operation of parent(s)/guardian(s).

6.   A copy of all written records of the incident will be retained in school files.

7.   The victim should feel secure that no further incidents will take place.  The victim will be encouraged to inform a teacher and/or parent(s)/guardian(s) IMMEDIATELY he/she may feel threatened in the future.

8.   Following serious incidents, staff will discreetly observe the students involved, and the Year Curriculum Co-ordinators/Form Teachers will regularly check with the students how things are going, thus monitoring the situation and lessening the chances of a repeat incident.